Translation Services Pricing Examples

Translation pricing provided from one language to another will vary depending on the popularity of the language; as well the price will vary depending on how specialised or technical the documentation is. We will provide you with a no-obligation quotation free of charge. Contact us with your documents today.

Here are some translation projects we have done in the past, just to give you an idea of costs and how they can vary.

English -> French Marketing Material 0.10 EUR / word
English -> German Technical Report 0.14 EUR / word
English -> Spanish Meeting Minutes 0.10 EUR / word
Spanish -> English Property Website 0.08 EUR / word
French -> English Legal Documents 0.13 EUR / word
German -> Spanish Birth Certificate 55 EUR

To see all of our language pairs and current pricing, please refer to the following links, or contact us for a free quotation today.

[Translation Languages] [Interpreting Languages]

Our prices are competitive, and we always work with a 50% deposit before starting the translation, and the balance being paid upon delivery. In some instances (such as that of a sworn translation) minimum charges are required. Furthermore, if a text is small, we will apply a minimum rate of 40 EUR to the document.

When we provide a quotation, we often will also provide variable pricing based on turnaround time required. It is always wise to allow as much time as possible for a translation, as urgent projects will normally incur an additional charge.

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